A farm with large numbers and focus on quality

EUROSA, built on a area of 250 hectares of which 85 hectares of greenhouses, is today an agricultural reality of prime European importance located in the south of Italy, in the municipality of Candela (FG).

An avant-garde agricultural reality, thanks to the use of cogeneration, the implementation of innovative solutions for water usage and the use of integrated pest management.

The company produces green, succulent and seasonal pot plants with focus on quality.

Business development: customized crops on a large scale

Our company is available to perform large-scale plantations in accordance with the specific requirements of the operators and using our Green Technology.

Protection and respect for the environment are a priority for us

Our company has obtained the strictest international certifications.

Made in Italy and Global Vision

Today Eurosa is a family company with a managerial and market-orietated approach.